Finally updated from 10.10 to 12.04 and auto-login broke

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Everything worked out of the box except I now need to input the password on startup and the option in Mythbuntu control centre is grayed out!

Anyway a quick peek around the web and a tweak to


by adding:


Solved the issue and it now boots straight into MythTV with no intervention

Upgrading MythTV/Mythbuntu and config Files

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When upgrading I always find the Bluetooth remote stops working. This is due to config files being overwritten.

Keep a copy of


and restore them after the upgrade. Sometimes you may find the remote has moved to a different input if you have done a distro upgrade

Also when moving between versions of MythTv


will get overwritten if you have changed any error trapping in there

Dealing with Drive Spindown on a NAS connected to XBMC

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All my media sits on two NAS boxes, both of which spin down the drives when idle for long periods. The result of this is that when XBMC tries to access data off the NAS, the box does not respond and XBMC thinks the item is gone and aks if it should be removed from the library. Saying no and retrying results in the film starting.

Alternatively we can tell XBMC to wait longer than the default 10 seconds by setting:



to make XBMC wait 60 seconds rather than 10


Enabling DDS Fanart to speed up fanart display

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The Revo and eMachine tend to lag with the fanart when scrolling through the list of films etc. To fix this simple enable dds fanart as described here:

As you scroll through xbmc will gradually generate dds fanart so you may still notice delays for a little while until all the previews have been generated

Dirty Regions and the Revo

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Because the Revo runs both Mythtv and XBMC I tend to leave it idle with the mythfrontend running as opposed to XBMC. The reason behind this is that I have noticed the box running hotter and the fan running for prolonged durations when left with XBMC sitting idle.

I have therefore now setup dirty regions (not realising that this was not enabled by default) so hopefully things should improve. Simply update to your advancedsettings.xml as described here:


Config files restored

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All config files are now back in their rightful places

Missing config files on blog

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Migration of WordPress has meant the config files have gone astray. Fear not they will return!

Setting up an eMachine 1401 as a MythTV/XBMC media centre

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Have just received an eMachine 1401 (£129.99 from ebuyer with no mouse or keyboard).

Using the Same Mythbuntu 10.04 setup as before and then upgrading to 10.10 everything works without a problem with two exceptions:

  1. The system hangs on reboot or shutdown
  2. No sound via hdmi

Two simple fixed resolve this:

Firstly the reboot issue is caused by the wireless driver (note there were also wireless issues with the Revo 3700). Anyway to solve this we simply need to blacklist the rt2800 driver:

create /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-wlan.conf with:

blacklist rt2800pci
#install rt2860sta /bin/false

then reboot

Wireless should remain workign and system should now reboot or shutdown with no issues

The sound over hdmi is quite simple…mythtv 0.24.x should simply autodetect the sound.

To get audio over HDMI working in XBMC go to the audio settings in the system options and set:

  1. Set Audio output to HDMI
  2. Set Audio output device to plughw:NVidia,3
  3. Set Passthrough output device to plughw:NVidia,3

HDMI sound should now work correctly

Setting up a multi-room XBMC system with central storage

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OK,  so I take no credit for any of this but following the instructions in the two links before gets things working nicely. I have my main MythBackend/Mythfrontend/XBMC box that runs 24/7 with the main sql database and configure all other clients to use this database.

First off I recommend whipping your library into shape:

Then simply setup your main server and clients as below:

Make sure you delete the sources and re-add them on your clients. I thought I could get away without it but some of the TV show artwork was missing/wrong. A delete and re-add and update sorted this!

Also when adding advancedsettings.xml the debug logs can be useful as it shows if it is being found and parsed correctly!

Addendum: I have currently switched the music library back to the default SQLlite library database as something is navigating the library is dreadfulyy slow. A quick google suggests it is related to the mySQL query but for now I see no benefits in holding the music library centrally to warrant too much effort!

Update: A bit more internet searching has sorted this one. It seems we simply need to add a few indexes to the mysql music library; Here are the mySQL commands to do so.  login to mySQL and select the music database:

mysql -u root -p
USE xbmc_music;
Then create the indexes:
CREATE INDEX idAlbum_idx ON song(idAlbum);
CREATE INDEX idArtist_idx ON song(idArtist);
CREATE INDEX idArtist_idx ON album(idArtist);
CREATE INDEX idArtist_idx ON exartistsong(idArtist);
CREATE INDEX idArtist_idx ON exartistalbum(idArtist);

Now restart the system and music browsing should be back to its expected speed!

A useful intro to mySQL can be found downloaded from here:

XBMC Log file locations

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If you turn on debugging from the system menu within xbmc then the logs can be found here:





Very useful if you are using advancedoptions.xml as it does show you if it is finding and parsing this correctly!