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Viewing LiveTV recordings in MythTV

Yazan: admin | 26 April 2011 | No Comments
Categories: MythTV

LiveTV recordings are downloadable through MythWeb but by default are not visible in the UI. To show LiveTV recordings go to the Watch Recordings page, bring up the Pop-up menu and then in Change Group View simply select Show LiveTV

Configuring the Sony PS3 BD Remote with MythTV & XBMC

Yazan: admin | 21 April 2011 | 6 Comments
Categories: Acer Revo, MythTV, XBMC

This howto worked with Mythbuntu 10.04. Also tested with 12.04LTS. Later releases dont kneed to worry about setting up uinput as a service as it is now in the kernel. NOTE: I have added a .txt attribute to some of these files so they display in all browsers. Remember to strip this off if downloading […]

MythTV resume recording from previous position

Yazan: admin | 14 April 2011 | No Comments
Categories: MythTV

Another of those useful embedded options that took a while to find! Do you want MythTV to continue playback of recordings from where you left off. Here’s how! In the MythTV frontend navigate to: Utilities/Setup | Setup | TV Settings | Playback Then in the ¬†General Playback (2/8) screen change: Action on playback exit to […]

Mythweb – setting default start early/end late

Yazan: admin | 14 April 2011 | No Comments
Categories: MythTV

After upgrading mythtv I seemed to lose these settings. Anyway after much digging around all those menus I found it. I knew it was there somewhere it’s just sometimes having so many options makes it difficult to find! Anyway I set my recordings to start 5 minutes early andfinish 10 minutes late just to be […]