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Enabling DDS Fanart to speed up fanart display

Yazan: admin | 23 May 2012 | No Comments
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The Revo and eMachine tend to lag with the fanart when scrolling through the list of films etc. To fix this simple enable dds fanart as described here: As you scroll through xbmc will gradually generate dds fanart so you may still notice delays for a little while until all the previews have been […]

Dirty Regions and the Revo

Yazan: admin | 23 May 2012 | No Comments
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Because the Revo runs both Mythtv and XBMC I tend to leave it idle with the mythfrontend running as opposed to XBMC. The reason behind this is that I have noticed the box running hotter and the fan running for prolonged durations when left with XBMC sitting idle. I have therefore now setup dirty regions […]