Setting up a multi-room XBMC system with central storage

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OK,  so I take no credit for any of this but following the instructions in the two links before gets things working nicely. I have my main MythBackend/Mythfrontend/XBMC box that runs 24/7 with the main sql database and configure all other clients to use this database.

First off I recommend whipping your library into shape:

Then simply setup your main server and clients as below:

Make sure you delete the sources and re-add them on your clients. I thought I could get away without it but some of the TV show artwork was missing/wrong. A delete and re-add and update sorted this!

Also when adding advancedsettings.xml the debug logs can be useful as it shows if it is being found and parsed correctly!

Addendum: I have currently switched the music library back to the default SQLlite library database as something is navigating the library is dreadfulyy slow. A quick google suggests it is related to the mySQL query but for now I see no benefits in holding the music library centrally to warrant too much effort!

Update: A bit more internet searching has sorted this one. It seems we simply need to add a few indexes to the mysql music library; Here are the mySQL commands to do so.  login to mySQL and select the music database:

mysql -u root -p
USE xbmc_music;
Then create the indexes:
CREATE INDEX idAlbum_idx ON song(idAlbum);
CREATE INDEX idArtist_idx ON song(idArtist);
CREATE INDEX idArtist_idx ON album(idArtist);
CREATE INDEX idArtist_idx ON exartistsong(idArtist);
CREATE INDEX idArtist_idx ON exartistalbum(idArtist);

Now restart the system and music browsing should be back to its expected speed!

A useful intro to mySQL can be found downloaded from here:


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